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A concrete driveway provides a durable and smooth surface for vehicles, enhancing the curb appeal of your property. Concrete’s strength and longevity make it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas.

A well-constructed concrete driveway can last for decades with minimal maintenance, providing a cost-effective solution for your home. Additionally, its clean appearance can significantly boost your property’s value.

Concrete foundations are the bedrock of any structure, providing the essential support needed for stability and durability. They can be tailored to suit various building requirements and site conditions.

A solid concrete foundation ensures the structural integrity and longevity of your building, preventing issues like settling and shifting. This is crucial for maintaining the safety and value of your property.

Concrete steps provide a sturdy and safe way to navigate changes in elevation around your property. They can be designed to complement your architectural style and landscaping.

Concrete steps are a durable, low-maintenance solution that enhances the safety and accessibility of your property. They also add a polished, professional look to your exterior.

Concrete patios offer a versatile and durable outdoor living space, perfect for entertaining or relaxing. They can be customized with various finishes, colors, and patterns to match your aesthetic preferences.

A concrete patio is a long-lasting, low-maintenance addition that can increase your home’s usable space and improve its overall functionality. It also adds value and appeal to your property, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

Concrete retaining walls help manage soil erosion, create level areas on sloped properties, and add visual interest to landscapes. They can be designed to blend seamlessly with your existing outdoor features.

Retaining walls are essential for preventing soil erosion and managing water runoff, which can protect your property from damage. They also create more usable space and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your landscape.

 Concrete countertops provide a unique and customizable surface for kitchens and bathrooms, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal. They can be crafted to match any design style and are highly durable.

Concrete countertops offer a robust, heat-resistant surface that can withstand daily use while adding a distinctive look to your space. Their customizability and long lifespan make them a valuable addition to any home.

Concrete walkways provide safe, durable, and attractive paths around your home or business. They can be designed to complement the landscape and architecture of your property.

A well-designed walkway enhances accessibility and guides visitors through your property safely. It also adds a touch of elegance and organization to your outdoor spaces.

Concrete pool decks offer a slip-resistant, heat-reflective surface that enhances the safety and comfort of your pool area. They can be customized with decorative finishes to match your outdoor design.

A concrete pool deck is a durable, low-maintenance option that provides a safe, attractive area for poolside activities. Its resistance to water and weather conditions ensures long-lasting performance.

Concrete repairs involve restoring damaged or deteriorated concrete surfaces, such as cracks, spalling, and surface wear. Professional repair techniques ensure the longevity and functionality of concrete structures while maintaining their aesthetic appeal.

Timely concrete repairs prevent further damage and costly replacements, maintaining the integrity and safety of your property. Properly repaired concrete surfaces also enhance the overall appearance and value of your home or business.

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thyron lawson
thyron lawson
Very professional, keep you informed on progress
Jodi Marshall
Jodi Marshall
We are thrilled with the paver patio Manuel and his crew built for us! Manuel was professional, respectful and did a wonderful job. He was also a great communicator and detail oriented. Highly recommend!
Mary Ronafalvy
Mary Ronafalvy
Very professional. On time with estimates, scheduling and start of work. Highly recommend.
Don Curry
Don Curry
M&S Construction removed and replaced 15-16 yards of concrete patio, driveway, and sidewalk at my home. Manuel Martinez and his excellent crew were prompt, efficient, and professional. They protected adjacent grassy areas with OSB and used splash shields to protect walls. The finished job is picture perfect! Highly recommend for superb results.
Thomas Salerno
Thomas Salerno
They did a great job with my patio and fire pit. They kept me informed during the whole process and even gave great suggestions along the way! I would recommend!!
mario guerrero
mario guerrero
I highly recommended this company . The driveway our house had some damage due to a tree that has grown its roots over the years causing a part to lift and with the coming and going of our vehicles it was time to get it fixed. Luckily, we found M&S construction and they were able to fixed our problem.
Kenneth Fulford
Kenneth Fulford
Excellent job 👏🏽
Romy Carol Milla Paz
Romy Carol Milla Paz
M&S did a wonderful job on my backyard. Manuel is super responsible and nice person who really care about clients and their budgets. He is always available to answers questions, explain details of the project and provide some advice for better options. He works tirelessly along with his team and most importantly he speaks Spanish (habla español), eso fue muy importante para nosotros, porque pudimos entender mejor detalles del projecto que no sabíamos. I truly recommend M&S for any concrete, stone projects and house improvements :)
Rodney Williams
Rodney Williams
Does amazing work would recommend to anyone!!!
Vann Mcknight
Vann Mcknight
Amazing people and a great small company. I had the chance to meet the business owner and he was genuine AND he helped me out. 10/10 would hire them if I ever need a project done
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